Our Services

At TD Sky Consulting, we understand that sometimes life presents challenges that require a discreet and professional approach and a private investigator for hire to effectively handle them. Our team of seasoned private investigators is dedicated to providing comprehensive online private investigator services tailored to your needs. Whether you’re seeking to uncover the truth or gather critical information for a legal case, you can hire a private investigator online with us for personalised assistance.

What We Offer

1. Comprehensive Background Checks

Before making important decisions involving individuals, businesses, or relationships, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of their background. Our background check services dig deep into records, including criminal history, employment verification, financial standing, and more, ensuring you have the information needed to make informed choices.

2. Surveillance and Monitoring

Suspecting something isn’t quite right? Our surveillance and monitoring services are designed to provide clarity. Whether you need to track a person’s activities or monitor a location, our skilled investigators employ state-of-the-art techniques to gather accurate, actionable intelligence.


3. Missing Persons

If you’re searching for a missing loved one, debtor, or witness, our investigators excel in locating individuals across the country. We leverage advanced techniques and databases to reunite families or gather crucial information for a legal case.

4. Online Investigations

In the digital age, much can be revealed through online activity. We specialise in online private investigator services, including social media profiling, email tracing, and digital footprint analysis to uncover hidden details.


5. Infidelity Investigation

Suspicions of infidelity can weigh heavily on one’s mind. Our private investigation services handle such cases empathetically and professionally, giving you clarity and closure in such challenging times. We gather irrefutable evidence (if any) of your spouse’s unfaithfulness so you can make informed decisions about your relationship and move forward in life. Remember, knowing the truth is better than sinking in doubts, and that’s what we’re here for — uncovering the truth!

6. Corporate Investigations

Businesses can benefit from our private investigation services as well. Protect your business from internal and external threats with our corporate investigation services. From fraud detection to due diligence, we provide actionable insights to mitigate risks and safeguard your enterprise.

Discover the Truth Today

When life throws you a curveball, you’ve got two options: stress yourself out or hire a private investigator online to deal with it. If you want to choose the latter, TD Sky Consulting is here to help you with your investigative needs. Our online private investigator services are just a call or message away. Let us be your partner in seeking the truth and guiding you through life’s uncertainties with clarity.

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